Pneumonia: How to protect yourself!

Pneumonia is a respiratory disease that occurs as a result of a viral or bacterial infection in the respiratory system, and the infection lasts for two weeks and maybe sometimes for more weeks due to the bad state of illness and the failure to take the appropriate protection.

Common causes of pneumonia:

- Smoking and malnutrition (which means a lack of important nutrients for the body), that leads to the weakness of the immune system.

- Not enough rest and sleep which results in stress and fatigue to the body.

- Side effects of some medicines, drugs and rarely it causes to who suffer from Tuberculosis.

So, what are the most famous symptoms of the disease?

Symptoms may differ from one to another, depending on the strength and the nature of each body, but maybe the following symptoms are the most famous ones: 

High temperature - fever - cough - rusty or green phlegm, or sputum, coughed up from lungs - breathing difficult(fast breathing and shortness of breath) – trembling and shaking chills - fast heartbeat - fatigue and weakness - nausea and vomiting - anorexia - rattling sounds in the lungs - body pains.

Now, here you are, some few and simple steps to follow to protect yourself and your family:

• Personal hygiene: such as washing hands regularly with soap and water, don’t use other tools and avoiding hugs.

• Keep away from polluted air and smoke or covering the mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.

• Stay away from crowded places and people get cold.

• Intake vitamin C for increasing your immune system, either through your diet or through vitamin C pills.

• Drink enough amount of hot liquids daily; such as fennel and lime juice in yoghurt, honey mixed with warm water or garlic mixture with warm water and vegetable juices.

• Inhale steam to reduce cough and mucus and add vinegar for boiling water during inhaling or 10minutes daily and repeat if necessary.

• Try to include in your meals basil, red pepper, sesame seeds, and clove oil because it contains antibiotics and analgesics.

• Drink ginger cause it works as anti-bacterial and reduces breathing difficulty (intermittent).

• Follow a diet containing all the elements that are useful to the body.

If you don't feel better, we advise you to visit your personal doctor and take his/her instructions for the best for your case to follow.

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