Proper nutrition of pregnant women (What to eat and what to avoid)

The healthy nutrition of the pregnant woman is certainly very important because it affects her health.  It also helps the foetus a lot to have a healthy body during the pregnant period to be able to survive and have a normal life and normal functional body after birth.

It is necessary for the pregnant to observe and manage her weight during pregnancy by eating useful foods and avoiding that may hurt her and fetus's health.

So, we suggest some tips for a pregnant woman to get proper nutrition and avoid some eating habits during pregnancy like

- Focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, especially dark green leaves and red vegetables. 

- Your meal should contain brown rice, cornflour and oat.

- Take care of the food that containing folic acid, which forms red blood cells and prevents the embryo infects with the nervous system‘s defects, that found in avocado, asparagus, and cooked green paper vegetables.

- Your daily meal should contain Vitamin C which found in citrus and fruit.

- Your meal should contain vitamin D, that is found in fish liver oil (Omega 3), fortified milk, and it can be also obtained by exposing to sunlight.

- Calcium is highly recommended and a very important element for dental health, bones and cardiovascular and muscles functions’ improvement especially, the embryo needs large amounts of calcium which found in milk and its products (skimmed milk, yoghurt, soya milk) and cooked beans.

- Your meal should contain minerals’ to avoid anaemia; red meat is the most important sources of iron, spinach, lentils and black honey as well.

- Follow a daily nutrition program recommended by the personal doctor that follows up with you and your pregnancy in order to keep up the weight and calories.

- Eat small meals regularly during the day, in particular for those suffering from nausea, stomach heartburn and indigestion.

- Avoid frozen, canned and processed foods of all kinds including meat, poultry, dairy products, seafood and Fast-food.

- Replace foods containing saturated fats with other unsaturated fat foods such as plants, fish, vegetable oils and avocado.

- Reduce adding sugar for ready-made, canned and manufactured drinks.

- Be careful about the selection of seafood and get away from those containing mercury ratios such as Mackerel and tuna fish It has damage to the nervous system of the fetus.

- Reduce caffeine and drink less than 200 g a day, including coffee, espresso and Nescafe, where the high rate leads to abortion and decrease embryo weight.

Avoid eating foods containing Listeria, Salmonella and Ecole bacteria that are found in uncooked meat, raw eggs, unpasteurized milk, uncooked fish and alcohol, which cause food poisoning in pregnant women and harm the foetus.


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